Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poore Bothers Potato Chips

Poore Brothers Potato Chips needed to update their appearance to look like a national brand while still communicating their unique, handcrafted appeal.

Potato chips are a “fun” food…our primary goal in the redesign was to bring the fun back to its packaging. We brightened the colors of each flavor and added radiating lines in the background to draw your eye in and add excitement. To establish a brand look, we enlarged the logo to be the dominant feature and crowned it with a cleaned up version of the cactus illustration. Dithered shadows were added to pop the graphics off the background giving the entire bag an active, kinetic energy.
The design was applied to eleven products in the line.

We also added customized icons to make each flavor instantly recognizable. The style of the illustrations reinforce the idea that these are fun chips to eat.