Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Organic Approach

A Case Study of Organic Bistro Whole Life™ Meals

SCOPE: Callaway Consumer Products was ready to launch a new line of frozen meals. Dr. Laryn Callaway, a holistic doctor, dietician and nutritionalist, created these meals to offer added nutrients for those with Type 2 diabetes and others who just want to eat healthier. This product would be premium priced and supported by superior nutritional benefits and gourmet recipes. This product would compete with weight reduction brands such as Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Weight Watchers and natural health brands such as Amy’s Vegetarian, Fairfield Farms and Ethnic Gourmet.

BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Successfully break into the frozen food category with a healthier alternative to what was currently being offered, with an added appeal to those with Type 2 diabetes. Leverage the nutrient-dense gourmet product into the “reduced calorie” and “organic/whole” food segment of the frozen food category.

PROJECT CHALLENGES: Introduce and establish a regional start-up company and create a new, ownable standard for the whole food, organic-minded consumer. Strike a balance between nutritional value and the diabetes-friendly claims. Entice consumers with delicious looking photo vignettes of foods that may be unfamiliar. Communicate that eating healthy does not have to be tasteless.

DESIGN CHALLENGES: Stand out in a highly saturated category and communicate the brand’s organic, nutritious and delicious attributes. Convey both wholesome nutrition and epicurean sophistication.

Establish an iconic brand that stands for organic nutrition, delicious recipes and diabetes-friendliness. Substantiate Callaway Whole Life™ Meals as “the” expert in nutrition for health-conscience consumers and for those afflicted with Type 2 diabetes and other related metabolic syndromes.

CONSUMER PROFILE: The target is female, professional or homemaker, 40-65 years old, mid to upper income, concerned about her health. She may or may not have a history or predisposition to diabetes, obesity and other metabolic syndromes. She is busy with family and professional commitments, limiting her ability to prepare and cook meals. She wants to eat better but has a limited knowledge of healthy nutrition.

Currently, no other line of frozen meals addresses the specific concerns of those with Type 2 diabetes and other related metabolic syndromes. With the rising occurrence of obesity, people are interested in eating healthier and may be uncertain if they can fit this into their busy schedule.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: Research of the competitive landscape showed that the brands in direct competition were darker in overall complexion and information heavy. Lighter cartons stood out and were easier to read. Our client asked us to work with the name Thrive Whole Life™ Meals. Additional research and testing proved that the word “Thrive” leaned too heavily on the nutritional side of the product and didn’t address the sophisticated recipes.

It was decided to move forward with the name Organic Bistro Whole Life™ Meals. Schreer Design then produced a wide range of design to address all the clients concerns bearing in mind our demographic target.

The client selected four layouts and these were further explored:

SOLUTION: Our final design utilized a predominately white package to help communicate the light and healthy nature of the product. A large appetizing photo focuses the consumer’s attention on the “whole meal” nature of the product. We used fun and open logotype and simple, well-organized information blocks for clear communication. The color pallet was kept light and refreshing so not to take away from the appetite appeal.

THE RESULTS: A Success Story

Through careful planning and a clear understanding of what our client needed to communicate the packaging design was instrumental in allowing a new start-up company to compete toe-to-toe with well-established competitors. With its new branding firmly in place, our client was able to concentrate on marketing and placement. We at Schreer Design were able to produce all the collateral material such as trade exhibit graphics, brochures, in-store displays, couponing, web graphics, and packaging mock-ups.

With a complete and integrated promotional program in place, our clients were able to sell into major grocery retailers like Safeway, Albertsons and Kroger as well smaller national chains such as Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts.

Presently, The Food Collective, a California-based company specializing in organic foods, has purchased the brand and has brought their other brand Helen’s Kitchen in line with Organic Bistro design.

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